Greek Orthodox Weddings in Rhodes, Greece

We have worked with couples from many different countries around the world advising, preparing the paperwork, and overseeing every aspect of their Greek Orthodox ceremony here in Rhodes, Greece.

In terms of the necessary paperwork – we will advise you on the documentation you require together with the translation and legalisation requirements based within the time frame required by law in Rhodes.

We undertake to liase with the appropriate authorities here in Rhodes on your behalf to ensure all of the necessary arrangements are put in place before you arrive.

In addition, we ensure that you are briefed on the ‘protocol/traditions’ of your wedding ceremony ‘duties’ and those of your best men/best women. Plus advise on the legal duties required of your witnesses.

Please be aware these practical details may vary from location to location dependant on local Priest’s requirements at various churches. The tradition and practices at individual churches may vary.

We will of course be present at the ceremony to prepare the necessary items at the Church on your behalf to be laid out in readiness for the Priests. We dress the Church in consultation with the couple’s requirements and ensure all items are returned to the couple or family as tradition dictates.